Next [Right] Move

By seeing my own limitations I am learning to see the world differently. I am seeing where I end and where others begin. By thriving in this unsolicited space of peace, a place of knowing and unknowing I have seem to have lost myself. When I think of the things I draw back on I clearly remember passion, love, and soul. I oozed this and where did it go? I tend to fall back on this idea that one must always be composed, that society expects one to imbue strength, courage and maintain an image. I think that I’m learning to be myself as I’m learning to let go of parts of me as well. The unlearning is uncomfortable; this is followed by lots of doubt. I think the process of learning who I am, who she is, and who he is finally getting to me. 

I am her, she is me, and we are one. Being bi-gendered is realizing you’re not just one person. You are pursuing a life within one body. You learn the words and you learn to work with it. But seriously, Ernie fix your shit. 


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