DRAFT: 3 Years Ago

DRAFT: 3 Years Ago.

Now, it has come to my attention, more than once I might add, that the culture in Isla Vista, or IV as we call it here is entirely different than the way that most college towns work. I do have to say, there is this sense of maturity that comes with a person after one drunken night in the IV party scene. It varies with all people, especially those with partners or friends with benefits who they already have setup, but it leads them to a craving and yearning for intellect, and bumping body parts. In my time here at UC Santa Barbara, I have to be honest and say I have never felt so lonely, happy, excited, turned on, confused, and amazing than I ever have in my life. Santa Barbara is a culture in and of itself; it is a school in which we are able to party hard on the weekends, smoke like a chimney, and drink like sailors and still maintain our social scene, personal lives, and academics. I value the culture that Santa Barbara has to offer and it is amazing how yesterday I was as drunk as a sailor and high like a kite and still managed to go to breakfast this morning. There are certain things that I wish I would have done or valued a bit more. I value myself to the extent that I am limited in the community of whom I can sleep with as well as people who I will date. I have figured out that although being single is bad sometimes, it is great to be able to have this time to just be me. I have learned things about myself that I personally wouldn’t have thought were imaginable or possible. I have learned what I value and I am glad to say that this is something that although doesn’t happen a lot, it is something that does happy, I learned what I prefer in s


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